Ecommerce Eye Candy — The State of Software Monetization [Infographic]

With the constantly changing environment of today’s software market, vendors face tough challenges every day — most importantly, software monetization.

The dynamics of new cloud, SaaS and IoT technologies are changing the way software is being deployed, consumed and monetized. Companies must adapt their strategies and offerings in order to meet the needs of consumers. This means if vendors want to continue to monetize their offerings as markets continue to evolve, they need increased flexibility within systems and processes.

Software Monetization Today

This infographic and accompanying report by Gemalto discusses the top concerns of independent and enterprise software vendors trying to keep up with the whirlwind of today’s industry. Their research discovered four key areas for improvement:

  • Access from multiple devices – 83 percent of respondents said that flexible software packaging and accessibility across multiple devices are extremely important to them.
  • User-centric licensing – License delivery and enforcement needs to be based on who is using the software and not what machine it is being accessed from.
  • Usage tracking – Seven in ten end users surveyed want to see software vendors improve their usage tracking and pricing models.
  • Common user experience – End users expect a common licensing experience, no matter how or where they access the software.

Check out Gemalto’s infographic below.

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Source: Gemalto