2016 Roundup: Subscription Billing Ebooks

As we complete another year of blogging at cleverbridge, we’re excited to continue our focus on recurring revenue and long-term customer relationships. Our entire industry is working hard to monetize the powerful but subtle changes caused by the growing wave of cloud computing and subscription billing models.

If your focus is on offering the best customer experience, whether in terms of your product or billing, 2017 is going to force you to focus on some crucial questions.

  • What is the true cost of managing customer billing and payments in-house?
  • How can you effectively acquire and retain cross-border shoppers? Are there any risks?
  • How do subscription businesses increase customer lifetime value?
  • How does an API-based ecosystem improve my business?

The following compilation of subscription billing ebooks will help you answer all those questions and others.

What Are the Hidden Costs of Your In-House Subscription Billing Solution?

It may seem like building a subscription billing solution is something you can handle on your own. But maintaining a homegrown solution carries with it significant hidden costs. As your business grows, can you scale with your increased volume? Will simply maintaining your infrastructure take resources away from improving your core offering?

Don’t let the hidden costs of an in-house solution bleed your business dry. Check out our microsite to learn more.

7 Tips for Growing Your Global Subscriber Base

Selling subscriptions in international markets is more complicated than simply translating your marketing website and order process into new languages. To grow your global subscriber base, customers need to be approached in a way that makes sense in their local context. In fact, there are seven key areas every subscription business must address when they start selling in new regions.

Download this ebook to learn all about localizing your subscription business for international markets.

Aligning Your Subscription Business With APIs

Manually keeping your product catalog, marketing strategy, subscription reporting and customer self-service options aligned across multiple systems costs resources and ultimately erodes your bottom line. But there is a better way. A subscription business using APIs is aligned to maximize customer satisfaction and recurring revenue.

Download the ebook to learn more about reducing time and effort managing billing and payments.

Increasing the Lifetime Value of  Subscribers

Getting a customer to subscribe doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stick around forever. If you want to retain their business for as long as possible, make sure that you’re offering ongoing value to your subscribers. This guide dives into optimizing for long-term subscriber relationships and profitability.

Inside the ebook you will find for more tactics for increasing the lifetime value of subscribers, such as:

  • Reducing subscriber churn
  • Deepening subscriber usage
  • Increasing upgrades and add-ons

3 Compliance Risks for Global Subscriptions

You want to boldly venture into new markets, but wily dragons in the form of ever-changing global compliance regulations lurk at every turn. Violating these regulations can damage your business’s reputation and your bottom line.

This ebook covers everything you need to know about increasing global revenue while effectively managing your risk. That starts by:

  • Offering shopping experiences that comply with local legislation
  • Obtaining customer consent for email and other marketing efforts
  • Ensuring data privacy and information security by complying with a variety of industry standards (PCI DSS, ISO27k and GDPR)
  • Collecting and remitting taxes

Do Subscriptions Make Sense for Your Business?

How can you be sure that a subscription model is what’s best for your business – and for your customers?

This ebook covers everything you need to consider, like:

  • Which type of subscription model best fits my business?
  • What are the pros and cons of subscription billing?
  • What do all successful subscription businesses have in common?
  • Will a subscription model ultimately benefit my customers?

Subscription Metrics and Reporting Tips

Financial and revenue metrics are the responsibility of your Finance team (they love that stuff). But in today’s subscription environment, the role of your Finance team is changing. They’re no longer just the cost accountant, measuring overall business health; now they’re actively driving growth across all functions within your organization.

In this ebook, you’ll learn tips and tricks for developing a subscription metrics and reporting strategy that enables your Finance team to:

  • Measure value with subscription metrics
  • Assign useful subscriber identities
  • Analyze and report by cohort and subscriber role
  • Determine the most meaningful insights for your business


For us, the focus is on the customer experience. Something that seems as simple as a monthly or annual renewal means that the design and function of your site, marketing emails, sign-up process, payment and billing, renewal and cancellation events are all acting in concert. By solving these challenges, you can expect greater recurring revenue and less churn.