Ebook: Learn How SEO Drives Organic Traffic to Your Ecommerce Business

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, maximizes the number of site visitors as a result of search engines. In more technical terms, effective SEO increases organic web traffic – a necessity for building brand awareness and supporting customer conversion in the ever-competitive ecommerce market.

Traditional marketing efforts like email campaigns, affiliate marketing and paid social media campaigns remain an effective way to direct prospects to your blog, landing pages, or to sign up for a demo and contact your sales team. But in the world of ecommerce, sometimes that’s not quite enough.

Ensuring your website is optimized for search engines remains a vital way to maximize the volume of relevant traffic visiting your site today, and supporting consistent growth over time.

In this ebook, we explore best practices that you can implement to supercharge your search engine optimization.

Among the topics we cover:

  • Understand how Google indexes pages by relevancy and popularity, and how to deploy best practices using a rich keyword strategy so your company appears on page one.
  • Explore how you can optimize the title, meta description and H tags of a certain page to ensure your content appears in descending order of importance, so Google crawls it properly.

    SEO Drive Organic Traffic to Your Digital Business
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  • Credibility is a key metric and should be one of the main focuses of your content. Use backlinks and linkless backlinks to up your website’s legitimacy.
  • Learn how mobile, voice and image optimization can broaden your audience base and provide a sense of versatility in terms of how consumers search for and absorb content.

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