Recovering Lost Customers with Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment remains a significant obstacle for any marketer.

Customers might come to your site and add products in their cart but unfortunately not everyone ends up buying the products they add.

The latest data shows that cart abandonment has reached 75.6 percent, and increasing competition in the market forecasts a further increase in the days to come.

To bring back these cart abandoners and convert them into customers, it’s necessary that you work on creating an effective cart recovery program. Emails work as one of the best channels for this purpose.

Let’s begin with understanding the reasons for cart abandonment.

An Essential Gentle Reminder

The moment a customer abandons their cart, you should be sending an email reminding them of the value of the product.

Give them a detailed comparison of your price with other brands and attract them with an image or video.

You can also include relevant product recommendations in your cart abandonment email. In this scenario, the customer might not purchase the same product they left in the cart, but rather an additional product that you mention in the email – or both. Checkout the email by Jack Wills for a better understanding.




Personalization Will Help You Win

Here’s how UGMONK sends out a perfectly personalized email to remind the recipient about the abandoned products in the cart.

The company has tried to address the prospect’s concerns and has shared the link to reach out to them, along with relevant social media channels.

Add an Enticing CTA

Always work a little harder on designing the CTA for cart abandonment emails. Understand that the emails should be compelling and bold enough to trigger an action you want your customers to take.

Include direct CTA buttons in your cart abandonment email but try to avoid too many CTA buttons as chances are it might distract the recipient.

You can create something like, “Take me back to my cart,” “Finish my order,” “Resume checkout,” etc.

This email is simple and has strong CTAs to prompt the reader to make the purchase, the “Shop X Collection” hover CTAs add additional value, and the color of the CTA changes to light blue upon hovering. See the screenshot below.

Use Catchy Subject Lines

An effective subject line can drastically improve your email open rate.

This is your chance to get your lost customers back, so make your subject line as crisp as possible.

Below are a few examples of cart abandonment email subject lines:
• Take another look.
• Did you leave something behind?
• Your cart is missing you.
• Free shipping for your items in the cart.
• Hurry! We’ve got offers for the products in your cart.
• Hey [name], complete your purchase.

Craft a Cart Abandonment Series

A series is better than a single cart abandonment email.

By using an automated cart abandonment series sent at regular intervals, you can expect your lost customers back.

Here’s an example of a cart abandonment email series of two emails by ASICS.

Subject line: Did you leave something behind?

Subject line: Don’t get left in the dust!


If your ecommerce store or small business is facing major cart abandonment issues, then try applying the above suggestions to mitigate its gravity. Always remember to send the cart abandonment email on time lest your prospects may choose your competitor over you.

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Chris Donald is the Director of InboxArmy