Our Ten Favorite Ecommerce Twitter Accounts

Adlai E. Stevenson, an American politician, once observed that, “The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum.” A “free society” implies a place where all individuals have an equal opportunity to raise their voices and be heard.

If this observation is true, then the existence of social networks like Twitter must represent a special foundation of freedom. But merely raising your voice does not necessarily mean others gain value by listening to it.

What follows is a list of ten individuals and companies who raised a voice we found worth listening to.

@peter_sheldon – Peter Sheldon is a Senior Analyst at Forrester who covers the digital landscape. This man loves talking mobile commerce and channel strategy. His tweets have an impressive knack for using both positive and negative personal experiences to illustrate relevant ecommerce strategies.

@arstechnica – Not exactly unknown, Ars Technica is a valuable alternative to @TechCrunch and @Mashable. Though their tweets may venture into intellectual explorations of tech culture, they also showcase a broad view of it, making Ars Technica a valuable source of news, reviews, analysis and expert advice on all things related to technology, including ecommerce topics.

@ePrussakov – Geno Prussakov is an affiliate marketing expert, the founder of an affiliate marketing conference called AM Days, and the brain behind AM Navigator, a blog for affiliate management. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, this is the Twitter account to follow.

@SAI – SAI is the digital business branch of @businessinsider, and as such, the SAI Twitter account is a good resource to keep abreast on the goings on of major ecommerce players, as well as the latest ecommerce tips and tricks. If you’re uninterested in intellectual explorations of culture, don’t worry, SAI tends to focus strictly on business related news with the occasional dip into social media information.

@tabtimes – If you couldn’t guess from the name, this Twitter account focuses on the tablet industry. Tablet news, tablet trends and tablet solutions are all covered as well as their intersection with various ecommerce companies.

@Jtrondeau – Justin Rondeau is a self-described “renegade philosopher turned marketer” and also the Chief Evangelist for Anne Holland’s Which Test Won. Follow his Twitter account if you’re looking for helpful information on A/B testing, social marketing, SEO and improving brand awareness.

@internetlaw – This account is run by Professor Michael Scott of Southwestern Law School and is frequently updated with useful information about Internet law. Topics of conversation revolve around copyright protection, privacy issues, as well as general government regulation. These discussions on government Internet regulation aren’t limited to US law, but extend to Canadian, European, and other international legal codes.

@QAQN – QAQN is a Twitter account run by Daniel M. Clark who bills himself as a “big fan of sanity,” and professionally works as a podcaster and podcast production consultant. While many of his tweets are personal in nature, they include a good deal of useful information on affiliate marketing.

@pymnts – Though it’s not the biggest name we’ve highlighted, this Twitter account from PYMNTS features the latest news about payment methods. From online payments to offline ones, from credit cards to mobile wallets, PYMNTS is a veritable goldmine of information about the payments industry.

@lonelybrand – lonelybrand is a Chicago based digital marketing firm. This Twitter account focuses on brand management and issues related to advertising brand awareness. It is an excellent source of inspirational examples of social media marketing.


It’s good to be proud of your own tweets, but you can always learn from others. Make sure that you’re in tune with the entire ecommerce industry by listening and interacting with those companies and individuals on the front line.

Use the comment section below to tell us which Twitter accounts you use to stay current on the ecommerce industry!


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