Ecommerce Eye Candy – Optimizing Your ‘Add-to-Cart" Button [Infographic]

If you’re responsible for the success of your company’s ecommerce one of the main questions you have to ask is, “What exactly convinces a visitor on our site to convert into a paying customer?” Obviously, offering a valuable product at an affordable price is crucial, but relying on those aspects alone will only take you so far in your goal for more conversions.

The truth is that a visitor’s decision to begin the checkout process is a complex puzzle whose exact pieces are not at all clear. One of the few tried and true ways that turn the hazy influences of conversion into transparent ones is the implementation of a/b and multivariate testing (MVT). Essentially, MVT refers to a process that compares the performance of two webpages that are similar in nature but are slightly or considerably different. Among the many different elements that could and should be tested for conversion rate optimization is the add-to-cart button.

This infographic from Volusion examines how the most successful online merchants display their add-to-cart button. After researching Alexa’s top 50 Internet shopping companies, Volusion compared and contrasted these buttons based on five criteria (color, shape, size, choice of words and use of icon), and succeeded in creating the most average add-to-cart button you can imagine. Not that you necessarily want to use this button for your cart: Ultimately, the lesson for online merchants is to take the time to test the various elements that make up your add-to-cart buttons. Doing so goes a long way in improving conversion rates and generating more revenue from your online shopping cart.

Have you ran any tests on your add-to-cart buttons that raised your conversion rates? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Infographic 10 17 2013222 Infographic: Constructing a Higher Converting Add to Cart Button
Courtesy of: Volusion