On-demand Webinar: Automating Your Low-dollar, Long Tail Renewals

Personalizing the customer lifecycle

Ecommerce companies often service a high volume of low-dollar contracts and a smaller number of much higher-value customers. Traditional thinking dictates the more lucrative business should receive more engagement from sales and account teams versus those that bring in less revenue by themselves.

When taken in aggregate, however, low-dollar contracts are not only profitable, but in some cases eclipse the total value of those higher-value contracts in the long term. And with finite resources at your disposal, how do you ensure these low-dollar deals are receiving enough attention to renew?

In this 30-minute, on-demand webinar, Julia Stegman, TSIA’s VP of Research for the Service Revenue Generation practice, and Doug Caviness, cleverbridge’s VP of B2B Strategy and Partnerships, explore the benefits of automating your low-dollar support contracts and subscription plans in an efficient, cost-effective way. They discuss:

• What are the three pillars to reduce friction with lower dollar contracts and subscription plans?
• What role can technology play to automate self-serve renewals?
• What is the impact of renewal automation on the role of channel partners?
• What else can be done to fight churn and increase renewal rates?

Caviness then takes us through three cleverbridge use cases, showing how the company has leveraged auto-renew (channel and direct), quote-to-cart and the self-service storefront concept to reduce churn, boost renewal rates and decrease total cost of sales for clients.

The full webinar is available on demand at this link.

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