Building Keystones: How to Guide Traffic with Domain Name Portfolios

The most recent Building Keystones post centers around the practice of identifying, registering and using domain names that relate to business for SEO and improving type-in traffic. “How to Guide Traffic with Domain Name Portfolios” outlines best practices in creating domain name portfolios. Read a sample of the blog post below:

Your domain name will either be geared toward “brandability or discoverability.” A domain name geared toward branding is one like, whose brand and domain name is catchy and memorable, but doesn’t really describe the product or service being offered.

Compare that type of brand and domain name with one like which basically tells you what you’re going to find on the site. Even though may not have the same brand recognition as Zappos, since they target the relevant keywords of the shoe market, they turn up pretty high in search engine results related to buying shoes.

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