Lansweeper B2B subscription revenue thrives as cleverbridge partnership expands

cleverbridge manages the complex global payment and automated renewal processes that help Lansweeper grow subscription revenue from B2B customers.

cleverbridge, an online global billing solution for digital goods, online services and SaaS companies, has expanded its relationship with Lansweeper, a market-leading provider of ITAM2.0 (information technology asset management) solutions.

With cleverbridge as a trusted partner, Lansweeper can continue to grow subscription revenue. By utilizing cleverbridge’s “Quote to Cart” functionality, which integrates Salesforce with subscription commerce, the Lansweeper team can instantly generate and send personalized, pre-populated checkout pages for their customers to complete transactions. Lansweeper sales representatives now have more meaningful contact with leads because they are spending less time on administrative tasks.

According to Forrester Research, 40% of B2B purchases will be conducted via digital commerce channels by 2022. Forrester found that sales representatives using virtual selling technology spent 28% less time on data entry and 23% less time on other low-value, repetitive tasks.

The “Quote to Cart” integration between cleverbridge and Lansweeper’s Salesforce CRM platform simplifies the job of a sales representative. With one click in Salesforce, Lansweeper can configure a customized price quote and automatically send it to the customer to complete their purchase. Customers simply add their payment details and click to confirm. Representatives no longer need to create manual links, which increases efficiency and helps to prevent human error.

Today’s B2B buyers demand more self-service options. With cleverbridge, Lansweeper customers can directly purchase up to 5,000 assets from their website.

“With cleverbridge as our partner, our team can spend less time on paperwork and more time building relationships,” said Roel Decneut, CMO at Lansweeper. “Thanks to the integration, our CRM system is always up to date, allowing for a better and more dynamic understanding of our business.”

Lansweeper has relied on cleverbridge’s expertise and advanced digital commerce technology since 2009. In that time, Lansweeper has worked with cleverbridge to move from a perpetual license model to a successful subscription strategy that provides the technology and services their B2B customers need.

“Our global billing platform enables Lansweeper to exponentially grow subscription revenue during this challenging time,” said cleverbridge Vice President of Global Accounts Kerry Dean. “When in-person meetings are pretty much non-existent, Lansweeper can still provide an exceptional experience for its customers, enabling B2B business to grow and thrive.”

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