cleverbridge Business Continuity Plan to Covid-19 – Update

23rd March 2020


We previously published an update about our plans to ensure your business continues operating seamlessly during this global pandemic.  We wanted to provide an update on the results of working for you and your customers over the last week.

Remote work

A week ago, due to the speed of the virus and governmental responses, we moved forward with an all-remote workforce to ensure we could serve your business as before.  We are pleased to report that our remote work experience resulted in minimal employee disruption and zero disruption to your global commerce business with us.

Given that some countries, states and cities have closed down borders or issued “remain in place” orders, we anticipate that most of the world has entered a new normal whereby most people will work from home for months, not weeks.  Fortunately, on March 19th, we conducted our first ever all remote Global All Hands Meeting with great feedback and no technical issues.


Like you, we are adhering to a strict block on non-essential business travel.  We believe that this travel ban will last for months, not weeks, but the good news is that we’ve even successfully conducted a 20 person, all-remote, brainstorming and collaboration session across two continents lasting four hours with almost as much productivity as if we were all in the same room.  We are learning about new tools that will enable us to be efficient and effective while being unable to travel.

Health Practices

By now, you’ve probably seen the same messages about health practices and are experts at social distancing. Abiding by the guidelines will result in as little physical disruption as only necessary.

We are proud of all the people helping each other survive during these extraordinary times. A little help goes a long way and we want to offer ours to you, even if you or someone on your team just needs someone to talk to since the distance can be deafening right now. Reach out to us at any time.