Ecommerce Eye Candy — Mobile Ad Blocking [Infographic]

We look to The Mobile Majority this week for our Ecommerce Eye Candy, as their infographic digs deep on the implications of mobile ad blocking on iOS 9. Even if you live on the International Space Station, you have probably heard about the recent update to Apple’s iOS. In addition to the other updated features, the most talked about iOS 9 capability in the digital marketing industry is clearly their new ad blocking feature.

As we discussed earlier this month, ad blockers pose a serious challenge to every industry that relies on advertisements to drive online revenue. Apple’s release certainly sparked the larger conversation, but is the iOS 9 ad blocker as dire as everyone says?

The days when only a desktop or Android user could block ads have now passed, as we enter a brave new world where iOS devices will block ads as well or better than those other platforms. What impact this change will have is not yet known, but much of the language around the digital marketing community is near apocalyptic.

The Mobile Majority says we can relax. Apple’s addition is an extension in their Safari app, and will only affect mobile site browsing. As author Cameron Fitchett points out, “We’re at a point now in 2015 where an average consumer spends only 12 percent of their time on their mobile phone in a web browser.”

Take a look below to see Fitchett’s conclusions about ad blocking’s implications for digital advertisers. See just how deep its impact is and what other digital marketing streams may be targeted next.

Do The Mobile Majority’s numbers resonate with what you see? Let us know if ad blocking software presents your business a challenge or an opportunity in the comments below.

Mobile Ad Blocking Infographic
Source: The Mobile Majority


  1. Fred

    Ad blocking on mobile isn’t that bad for now. I mean the numbers speak for themselves; 8% isn’t very high at all. I don’t think most people are even aware that ad blockers for mobile devices exist at all.

    That will probably change in the future though! Although if YouTube Red is a success (which I think is unlikely, but we’ll have to see) then that might help stave it off a bit.

    1. Nick Liebman

      Hi Fred. The folks over at The Mobile Majority would agree with your assessment. What do you think about the potential for advertising/ad blocking within mobile apps, where mobile users spend the majority of their time?

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