Ecommerce Eye Candy — Mapping the B2B Buyer Journey [Infographic]

Just as the age of customer experience has arrived for B2C sales, so too must B2B marketers be concerned with understanding and delighting their customers. An important method for doing this is to map the buyer journey your prospects travel on their way to deciding to buy from you. We produced this infographic to walk the paces of a B2B buyer journey.

Buyer Journey Step 1: Identify the Buyer Type

What is your prospect’s role in their organization? Are they interested in your services because they need to lower costs and streamline purchasing? Perhaps they are looking to transform the entire way their company does business. The four buyer types highlighted in this infographic represent the breadth of roles you may encounter with prospects. Once you have identified the type, hone your marketing strategy to speak to them directly.

Buyer Journey Step 2: Consider the Buyer’s Business Challenge

With your marketing strategy in place, the next step on the buyer journey is addressing the specific business challenges they’re encountering. These could be as varied as expanding into global markets, fighting customer churn, launching new products, or reducing the company’s risk profile.

Buyer Journey Step 3: Invest in the Right Engagement Tools

Taking into account your customer, their roles and goals, and the specific challenges they need to surmount, you must invest in the right engagement tools. Mapping the buyer journey your customers travel puts you in their shoes. Understanding not only the business challenge, but your prospect’s role in addressing the challenge means presenting them the most persuasive and useful content. Some engagement tools take more effort, while others may be relatively simple to produce. With your prospect’s journey mapped, your team will be able to position your resources more efficiently, streamlining your marketing costs.

Repeat Steps 1-3

Of course, every buyer is different; no single buyer journey map will apply exactly to every prospect. The metaphor of the map, however, is powerful for understanding your customers’ orientation: where they start, where they’re facing, and how fast they’re moving. Repeating the mapping process will constantly improve your connection with your customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

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Mapping the B2B Buyer Journey

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