Ecommerce Eye Candy – Landing Page Optimization by the Numbers [Infographic]

Did you know that 35 percent of marketers said that their online shopping carts are the hardest landing page to optimize on their site? This infographic is perfect for ecommerce managers of software products or people who design ecommerce focused landing pages. It is from Unbounce and Killer Infographics, and it is chock-full of landing page optimization information.

What Is Landing Page Optimization?

Technically, any and all of the pages on your site are landing pages if a visitor can see them. But when digital marketers and ecommerce pros refer to landing pages, they mean pages that are focused on a specific conversion goal like completing a transaction or generating a lead. So when someone searches for a certain type of software program on Google, sees your AdWords advertisement, and clicks on the link, the next page that opens is your landing page.

Depending on how effective the design of that landing page is, you may gain either a new customer or create another disinterested visitor, which is why it is so important to test the effectiveness of the different parts that make up your landing page. By creating alternative page elements and testing them against each other, companies can increase conversion rates, generate new leads and revenue, and decrease bounce rates.

The rest of the infographic goes into more detail about the state of affairs in the general landing page testing and optimization industry, especially regarding the readiness of most companies to properly administer conversion rate optimization tests.

Do you have questions about how to optimize your shopping cart? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization on our resources page.

landing page optimization unbounce infographic
Source: Unbounce & Killer Infographics

Landing Page Optimization by the Numbers | Unbounce