January Ecommerce Digest

This month we made our ecommerce predictions for 2013, showcased a panel discussion between some big name software affiliates, and offered a complimentary report from Forrester Research entitled, “Market Overview: Subscription and Recurring Billing  Solutions 2012.”

With this month’s digest, we’re highlighting:

  • Best practices for credit card payment forms
  • Which security logos customers trust the most on shopping carts
  • Ways in which cloud vendors can assist IT buyers
  • How real time bidding for digital ads affects a CPA model
  • Facebook’s new Graph Search and its impact on online advertising efforts

The Ultimate UX Design of the Credit Card Payment Form | Designmodo – No point in the buying cycle is more fraught with the danger of abandonment than the checkout process. And the payment submission form is the most vulnerable point in the checkout process. Since the vast majority of your customers are paying with credit cards, conversion friendly credit card payment forms are key to ecommerce managers. (h/t to faithful reader Mark Beare from Reviversoft for pointing us to this article.)

Which Site Seal do People Trust the Most? | Baymard Institute –  Everyone knows that protecting customers’ private information by complying with security standards is an e-commerce necessity. But consumer trust is also an important part of conversion optimization. Displaying site seals during the checkout process increases the perception of security and lets your customers know it’s safe to submit their payment information. But which seals do consumers trust the most? The answer may surprise you.

Citrix Sees Crucial Cloud Broker Role Emerging for the Channel | Bridge Metrics – Customers of SaaS products who work in IT are adapting their infrastructure and buying habits to accommodate the explosion of cloud computing. Given this fact, sellers of SaaS solutions need to embrace the role of broker, or as I would call it, adviser, explaining how their product or service achieves the goals of the buyer.

Is the CPA model holding real-time bidding back? | Econsultancy – In the world of digital advertising, the classic questionis whether advertisers should pay publishers on a cost-per-impression (CPM) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. With more advertisers wanting to focus spending that leads to successful conversions, the question seems to have been decided in favor of CPA. Nevertheless, publishers still face a challenge when it comes time for attribution. The challenge is complicated further when the costs of ads depend on real time bidding (RTB).

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search

How Facebook’s Graph Search Will Dethrone Google Search | Advertising Age – Facebook Graph Search will certainly add more value to users’ Likes, Shares and Comments, but it will also increase the value of Bing search results. Additionally, Graph Search ought to improve the capabilities and accuracy of mobile advertising for brick-and-mortar stores. It will be interesting to see how Google responds to Facebook’s push for search dominance.

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