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Work smarter by accelerating data integration across your ecommerce business

Streamline how you integrate the data that powers your digital commerce efforts. cleverbridge Integration Services connects your front-end and back-end information systems with our ecommerce platform to deliver a holistic view of your business. By uniting data from disparate systems in real time, you'll improve efficiency, reduce expenses and free up valuable technical resources.

Our Full-Service Approach to Integration

  • Facilitating bi-directional data exchange between the platforms powering your business

  • Syncing your business-critical data with our ecommerce platform in real time

  • Reducing complexity to save your team valuable time, effort and resources

  • Streamlining your ecommerce operations to run smoother, smarter and more effectively

  • Enhancing your customer lifecycle by enabling well-timed and relevant engagements

Your Ecommerce Integration Issues Solved

How can our Integration Services overcome your business challenges?

  • Sales

    Drive growth and profitability with real-time CRM alerts that give you valuable insight into customer behavior — your team can then follow up with customized offers and promotions.
  • Finance

    Forecast and report recurring revenue more accurately through GAAP-compliant synchronization of ecommerce billing data, including cash flow, failed payments and revenue recognition.
  • Marketing

    Exceed customer expectations with a targeted, timely shopping experience and automate critical customer processes, such as subscription renewals, to maximize revenue.
  • Information Technology

    Protect and maintain the customer data and company systems that power your business — while equipping your colleagues to access the real-time information they need to be make informed decisions.

Benefits of cleverbridge Integration Services

  • Achieve a unified view of your business data in a matter of hours (not weeks)

  • Integrate the tools you rely on today (such as with our ecommerce platform

  • Free your developers from building and supporting custom-coded integrations

  • Minimize the complexity and cost of connecting disparate systems

  • Optimize and streamline your business processes

  • Ensure global compliance with an EU-based data center

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