Growing Subscription Revenue for the Holiday Season [Infographic]

Twinkling lights, jauntily wrapped gifts, huge family meals that leave you needing a nap – all in all, the holiday season is pretty darn magical. It’s also pretty darn lucrative for your subscription business. Last November and December, consumers spent north of $50 billion dollars online, and holiday ecommerce is expected to see double-digit growth this year.

In short, whether your online sales strategy is very very nice or very very naughty over the next few months will determine whether you wake up to a stocking stuffed with shiny new subscription revenue … or an inert, lusterless lump of unengaged users.

We’re sure that you already have a plan in place (it’s the end of October, after all). But as an early gift from us to you, we’d like to share some tried-and-true tips for maximizing online sales over the next few months. They’re easy to execute and nearly error-proof – what could be better?

Check out our festive infographic below to learn:

  • Key statistics on subscription sales during the holiday season
  • The best days for blasting promotions to your customer base
  • How to use affiliate marketing to acquire more free trial users
  • How to leverage email campaigns to increase recurring revenue
  • How strategic social media marketing can boost brand awareness
  • And more, of course!