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  • cleverbridge’s continued support and dedication to our business is not something I’ve seen or experienced with past ecommerce or digital marketing providers.

    — Jake Matulewicz, Director of Worldwide Ecommerce

  • Since the launch, cleverbridge has continued to exceed our expectations with their ongoing analysis, guidance and testing to help us grow and serve our customers.

    — Wayne Aiello, VP of Information Systems

  • cleverbridge not only gave us a complete global solution right out of the box with a simple integration – rapidly accelerating our time-to-market – but delivered the best possible online customer experience to build long-term customer relationships and grow recurring revenue.

    — Kevin St. Angel, Director, Ecommerce

  • cleverbridge has always understood how important our customers are to us and delivered a seamless customer experience, while also providing the expertise and reporting tools that allow us to strategize for the future.

    — Marcin Kleczynski, CEO

  • We’re excited about doubling our online sales last year and are targeting even bigger growth this year. With cleverbridge, we’ve already put the models in place so that scaling our online sales to bigger volumes is fairly simple.

    — Jim Schuchart, VP of Sales

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