Faces of cleverbridge – Stefan Bell

Get to know Director of Technology Stefan Bell, one of the founding members of cleverbridge. He shares a bit about his experience throughout the last 15 years.

What do you think it says about cleverbridge to have retained its very first client for the past 15 years – and so many other long-term clients?
It shows that after all this time, we still offer mature and solid e-commerce products and great services. This doesn’t stop us from striving for renewal, improvement and innovation. But we can still be proud of that!

Tell us about cleverbridge’s momentum for future innovation. What do you think will happen in the next 15 years?
The momentum for future innovation is greater than ever right now. With our GraphQL strategy we built (and continuously extend) an abstraction for our very mature backend. This allows us (and our clients) to build great apps with state-of-the-art frontend technology, e.g. the Subscription Commerce Manager (based on React framework). At the same time, this gives us a migration path to rebuild our backend incrementally. So in 15 years from now we can be anywhere we want and definitely based on a scalable, lightweight, resilient solution architecture.

How do clients affect cleverbridge’s success?
Clients are key to cleverbridge’s success, as they provide us with valuable information about the highlights and shortcomings of our products and services. They inspire us with new use cases and demands. They challenge us, and in many cases, cooperate closely to enhance our platform.

What was the most exciting experience you’ve had at cleverbridge in the past 15 years?

The most exciting experience for me was our initial launch of the ecommerce platform in November 2005. Nothing can ever top that I guess. But apart from this unique and outstanding happening, there were numerous events, parties, moments that I will never forget! Like trips to Chicago (the Air and Water Show and Whirlyball), skiing trips with colleagues, an exclusive DDD Workshop with Vaughn Vernon in Berlin, all the cleverbridge holiday and summer parties and about a billion patches and releases (maybe a little less) just to mention a few…