Ecommerce Eye Candy — Email and Social Integration [Infographic]

ReachMail, an email marketing platform, recently published this infographic that shows that businesses are putting more money into not just email, but also social media. Based on a survey from MarketingCharts that says marketers are increasing their budgets for email and social above all other channels, it seems reasonable that this increase in spending is because you can easily target your message to engaged audiences. Built through a double opt-in signup process, your email list comprises people who have told you they wish to hear from you. And with social media, you are sending messages to those who have proactively followed your brand’s social media account.

But it is not enough to increase spending. You have to also develop more sophisticated strategies in using these channels. The infographic suggests integrating email and social for an effective one-two punch. For example, use email to send commercial messages that drive revenue, but use Facebook to drive email signups. Or, use a click-to-tweet link in your emails to create a flurry of customer activity on Twitter. In both cases, you’re creating a positive feedback loop where a bigger social audience creates a bigger email audience which creates a bigger social audience, and so on.

Tell us how you’ve used email to bolster revenue from social media and vice versa in the comment section below!