Ecommerce Eye Candy – Guide to Online Advertising [Infographic]

The Mad Men finale aired last night, and it concluded (SPOILER ALERT!!!) with the classic “Hilltop” Coca-Cola commercial. Talk to your nearest Millennial, and it will be easy to understand that advertising has undergone significant changes in the last 45 years. This is especially true in terms of consumer touchpoints, i.e., where your customers see your ads. While interruption marketing still holds sway for companies with big budgets and Super Bowl sized audience aspirations, the name of the game for today’s marketer is permission marketing, which is often associated with digital marketing and online advertising.

The following infographic from WhoIsHostingThis explains the basic terminology you need to understand online advertising. Then, the infographic helps you navigate the major online advertising channels, giving details about each one. It explains how each channel charges its advertisers, what kind of content it displays, and also judges each channel’s respective pros and cons.

In the end, whether you use your advertising dollars to interrupt your audience or whether you wait on their permission, the goal of all your marketing efforts is to persuade your audience to take action.

What’s your favorite online channel for advertising? Why?

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Guide to Online Advertising for Small Businesses - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog