Ecommerce Eye Candy – DIY Design Hacks [SlideShare + Webinar]

At the end of the day, you need your visitors to click Buy Now, and compelling visual elements are one way to increase your visitors’ interest and trust in your business. These visual elements are scattered across all your online customer touchpoints:

  • Landing pages from advertising and social channels
  • Product pages
  • Shopping carts and checkout processes
  • Confirmation pages
  • Marketing emails
Optimizing images for social platforms
Optimizing images for social platforms

Each of these touchpoints is an indispensable part to each stage of the sales cycle and your online goal of winning more customers. However, it is not easy to create compelling visuals on your own, and so, companies often turn to professional services to take help them maintain a consistent look for their brand.

But what if you can’t afford professional services for all your needs? Or, what if you’re thinking about a rebrand and you want to brush up on your basic design strategy and available tools?

This webinar and slide deck from Peg Fitzpatrick and HubSpot are perfect for thinking about how to best approach the visual elements of your brand, which, as we said before, is crucial to earning the trust and dollars of your customers. You will learn all about:

  • What makes a compelling visual element
  • Where to spend money on visual design
  • Successful DIY brands
  • The tools that will help you get your visual design elements off the ground
  • The ins and outs of creating a successful image for social media posts on the most important social media platforms

Tell us how you use visual elements to convert visitors into customers!

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  1. Leon Hamper

    Not all web designers are digital marketers and not all digital marketers are good web designer. But both should work hand-in-hand in developing a website that can contribute to the success of a business. You got some pretty useful ideas here Elan and it would be great if it will be utilized by marketers and web designers in their websites. I also came across this post allglobalventures blog about web design ideas. Combined these ideas to these DIY design hacks and you can make your website sensational.

    1. Elan Sherbill

      “Not all web designers are digital marketers and not all digital marketers are good web designer.” This is absolutely the case. Working hand in hand goes a long way to creating an effective site.

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