Ebook: Position Your B2B Ecommerce Business for Long-term Growth

B2B Ecommerce Solutions: Position Your Business for Long-term Growth

The B2B ecommerce space has grown in both challenges and opportunities in recent years, from acquiring new business, retaining and growing revenue, reducing churn, and offering a customized experience that fits your customers’ specific needs.

Onboarding new customers and implementing your product throughout their organization is the obvious goal that your company’s strategy should support. But long gone are the days of the one-and-done sales approach. The key to a successful ecommerce business is to maintain long-term relationships with your
customers, in which reminding them of your value through a quality product and consistent support over time is paramount.

In this ebook, we’ll explore some key solutions that your business can implement to not only survive, but thrive in the competitive B2B ecommerce space:

  • Understanding 7 Key Differences Between B2C and B2B Ecommerce Models
  • Bringing Consumerization to the B2B Buying Experience
  • Leveraging CPQ for a Shorter Sales Cycle and Increased Revenue
  • Growing Your Digital Business Using Renewal Automation
  • A case study exploring how SmartBear Software leverages cleverbridge ecommerce solutions to increase customer renewals

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B2B Ecommerce Solutions: Position Your Business for Long-term Growth

Like what you read? cleverbridge offers a bevy of ebooks, case studies, white papers, videos and other resources in the ecommerce, subscription and B2B space. We explore key topics to ensure your digital business is positioned for success:

  • Growing globally using a subscription billing model
  • Global compliance risks and solutions
  • Key questions to ask when selecting a new payment provider
  • Managing the complexities of payment processing
  • Acquiring, converting and retaining customers
  • Optimizing conversion rate
  • Localizing the buyer’s journey for other countries
  • Implementing an effective SEO strategy for your web platform
  • And much more

The cleverbridge platform can help manage, monetize and optimize your digital business as you continue to grow globally. We take responsibility for recurring billing, global payment processing, compliance, customer service, and more. Contact our sales team today.

Kyle Shamorian is the content marketer for cleverbridge. Connect with him on LinkedIn.