Ecommerce Eye Candy -The State of SaaS [Infographic]

E-commerce Eye Candy -The State of SaaS

This SaaS-related infographic from (which I found through the Software as a Service group on LinkedIn) complements our recent review of Joel York’s e-book on the Top Ten Dos of SaaS Success.

In 2011, Forrester Research wrote,

“SaaS will only be a disruptive force in software products that make up about 25% of the total global software market, especially in customer relationship management, human resource management, IT management, and security software. Elsewhere, SaaS will be a sustaining technology for incumbent vendors that allows them to offer SaaS products that complement traditional licensed software products — either in niches where licensed products have not been adopted or by addressing unmet needs.”

According to another Forrester study, the first step in developing a SaaS strategy is understanding what buyers want when looking to purchase SaaS products:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved data security
  • Speedier execution of business processes
  • More efficient channels for collaboration and information exchanges

According to that same study, 31 percent of companies are already moderate to heavy users of SaaS software and 68 percent of larger companies have already begun adopting SaaS software solutions. However, SaaS is not just for large enterprises – it is also ideal for expanding a vendor’s small-to-medium business market (SMB).

So even though SaaS isn’t necessarily the right way to go for every company, it is important for every company to gather the data and knowledge needed to make a decision about a potential SaaS strategy before it’s too late.

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