Ecommerce Eye Candy – Landing Pages Work [Infographic]

Everyone wants to improve their conversion rates

If you sell software online then website visits are important contributors to your bottom line. But more visitors to your site does not necessarily mean more revenue for your business. The gap between how many people visit your site and how many people buy a product through your online store (or take some action that signals a sales lead ) widens or narrows with your conversion rate.

Landing page optimization

One way to positively influence conversion rates is to optimize landing pages. Landing pages are the webpages visitors see after clicking on a link that leads to an important destination on your site. Clicks to landing pages often follow an email advertisement, a paid advertisement displayed after an Internet search query or a link hosted by an affiliate program.

This infographic from ion interactive, a digital marketing company, encourages ecommerce pros to optimize their landing pages by customizing them and designing split tests for those pages. The upshot of optimized landing pages according to this infographic is that the more customized your content, the more leads you get and the more sales you bring in.

How to do it

When building custom pages for testing purposes make sure that your landing pages’ content matches the keywords used in emails, PPC ads or affiliate links.

It’s also important to consider mobile users. Pages that are optimized for different screen sizes provide higher conversion rates.

And yet, according to the infographic many companies are not testing their landing pages. The number of companies performing landing page tests is decreasing! 

If your company is not testing different landing pages yet, it’s time to digitally disrupt yourself now. According to conversion optimization and landing page testing expert Chris Goward, one way to create a culture of testing in your company is to get senior level approval early on.

131215 Landing Pages Infographic
Proof That Landing Pages Work [Infographic] from ion interactive

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