Ecommerce Eye Candy – Holiday Social Media Marketing Trends [Infographic and Research Report]

Successful software companies understand the importance of November and December e-commerce to their bottom line, and plan accordingly.

This infographic from Offerpop is based on their research report called Top Holiday Marketing Trends for 2014. Among the more notable findings of the report is that brands are investing more in social this year and that they are not interested in untested networks. The former, I am sure, is due to the efforts of networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive revenue through their advertising capabilities.

I am curious to hear from our readers how well social media advertising and brand promotion works for you. Does social advertising drive revenue or generate leads for your business, and is November and December an especially effective time for it?

Let us know how you handle social advertising for the holiday season in the comment section below.

Source: Offerpop