Ecommerce Eye Candy – B2B Ecommerce Evolution [Infographic]

This infographic tells a story about a wonderful land of opportunity: The B2B software ecommerce market. Make no mistake; it is big – bigger even than its more famous sibling, the B2C market, and independent software vendors stand to make big bucks selling to business and organizations of all kinds.

However, the kinks in the path toward ecommerce riches begin immediately. Although B2B software companies understand how to create software products that solve amazingly complex problems and improve the performance of individuals in all roles and at all levels of organizations everywhere, they do not understand what it takes to succeed in ecommerce. This is not because their sales team is bad at what they do. It’s because the buyers of B2B software take notoriously complex paths to purchase.

B2B Ecommerce Evolution

In our infographic, we describe this path and the signs that travelers see along it. We show how websites are complementing offline selling techniques and explain how selling software to business buyers has changed from 20 years ago to today. We encourage B2B software companies to adjust their tactics and invest in new digital assets to succeed in ecommerce.

The B2B buyer’s relative lack of price sensitivity, their need for loyal relationships with merchants, and the length of their sales cycle have not changed one iota because of ecommerce’s growth. The tools they now use to buy and sell online have changed a lot though, and it has given B2B software buyers a lot more information. This power has changed their expectations of the shopping experience, and merchants must cater to these new preferences. This infographic, therefore, also focuses on the kinds of digital tools and assets B2B software merchants need to succeed in selling software online in today’s ecommerce world.

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B2B ECommerce Evolution Infographic

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  1. Daniel Honigman

    The infographic is great, and so is the information contained therein!

    According to a 2013 LinkedIn survey conducted with Spiceworks, customer testimonials were considered the most effective content marketing practice for B2B companies. Not only is it important for the company to have an effective marketing platform, but it’s important they extend that platform to its customers as well.

    Ultimately, B2B companies – and any company, in fact – should want its customers to talk to, through and about them. The website/conversion part of the experience (e-commerce, in this case) must only inspire them to do so.

    1. Elan Sherbill

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment. Do you have a link to that survey?

      Thinking about testimonials, two ways to capitalize on them are posting them on your social media channels and peppering them throughout your website – both the homepage as well as product pages.

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