Ecommerce Eye Candy – 25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service [Infographic]

The difference between excellent customer service and terrible customer service is the difference between creating brand advocates or creating disloyal customers who do not renew. Positive and negative customer service experiences are memorable to your customers, so do all you can to ensure that your customers experience exceptional service at all stages of the buy cycle.

In Measure This! Customer Service KPIs, we focused on the need for companies to improve their customer service offering by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). We said that reducing customer wait times goes a long way toward improving customer satisfaction rates and explained the things you need to measure in order to define how well you are performing.

This infographic from goes beyond simple metrics by exploring the skills your customer service team requires in order to achieve your KPIs. If you manage a customer service team it’s worth your while to review these skills and make sure your representatives are trained in all of them.

Today’s customers are well in control of your brand. They are empowered with information about the products you sell through a variety of channels. Implementing a world class customer service offering is a step in the right direction toward distinguishing your brand from the competition.

25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service

by eyecandyinfographic.
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