Ecommerce Eye Candies: Our Year in Review [Infographics]

A review is a powerful action with the ability to affect your present and future. The importance of a review lies in its impact on memory and learning. The more you review the better you understand the relationship between ideas and data that you encounter consistently. This understanding forms the basis for learning which, in turn, forms the basis for making better business decisions.

We spend a lot of time around this blog looking at, writing about and sharing ecommerce related infographics. Sometimes we make our own infographics and sometimes we share other companies’ infographics. By expressing ideas and data through images and small amounts of text, infographics often make it easier for people to process information. Almost every company with a content marketing strategy has created infographics in an effort to improve the way they communicate; or, at least, to try and offer something new to their audience. Here, for your review, are five of our most popular Ecommerce Eye Candies of 2014.


B2B Ecommerce Evolution [Infographic] – This original infographic by cleverbridge tells a story about a wonderful land of opportunity: The B2B software ecommerce market. Make no mistake; it is big – bigger even than its more famous sibling, the B2C market, and independent software vendors stand to make big bucks selling to business and organizations of all kinds.

Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing Compares to Referral Marketing – This infographic from The Ambassador Blog makes the case for independent software vendors to consider the costs and benefits of investing in affiliate marketing or referral marketing programs. In the end, it’s all about offering a great product that people, both professional affiliate publishers and close family networks, are proud to offer their audience.

Localizing Payment Methods

Alternative Payment Methods – This infographic provides a comprehensive perspective on how international ecommerce relies on alternative payment options, and the benefits of implementing them in your shopping cart.

Customer Service

25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service – This infographic from goes beyond simple metrics by exploring the skills your customer service team requires in order to achieve your KPIs. If you manage a customer service team it’s worth your while to review these skills and make sure your representatives are trained in all of them.


Ecommerce Personalization – This infographic from BrainSINS explains that most ecommerce companies consider personalization a sophisticated marketing tactic that increases conversion rates and results in higher average order values through product recommendations and cart abandonment emails.