Ecommerce Eye Candy — Customer Self-Service [Infographic]

Today’s high-tech consumers demand efficient customer service. And nothing infuriates them more than an aggravating customer self-service experience. Leveraged correctly, robust customer self-service provides a quick, seamless experience across all channels and avoids irritating your customers. Better yet, reducing the load on your live customer support representatives means your cost savings can be tremendous.

Companies are refining their self-service processes to provide a rich, effective experience. From utilizing new digital channels and employing CRM data to streamline interactions to improving the transfer from self-service to live agents, companies are looking for ways to ensure customers do not have to repeat themselves eternally to a recorded voice prompt.

These advancements in technology are making it easier (and cheaper) to solve customers’ problems with a personalized self-service environment. Companies that provide outstanding customer service will win customers for life. But do not take half-measures in your solution. Research shows users will quickly abandon a faulty customer self-service option. Succeeding with customer support, even with self-service options, means investing in a solution that works for every customer.

Take a look at this infographic from Aspect to get a better idea about what your customers really want from self-service.

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customer self-service
Source: Aspect Software