Ecommerce Eye Candy – Conversion Rate Optimization for the Holiday Season [Infographic]

With billions of dollars worth of goods sold online, November and December retail ecommerce has been very important to the economy for the past several years and more growth is predicted for the future.

We’ve created this infographic to help software merchants plan and optimize their marketing campaigns for these crucial two months. Marketing campaigns during this time rely on a creative mix of search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate partnerships and social media to drive conversions, revenue and brand awareness.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Please use the information here to design and execute your end-of-year campaigns.


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Building Keystones - Conversion Rate Optimization for the Holiday Season</a>

“November and December will contribute significantly to overall online sales for the year. eMarketer expects more than one-fifth (23.7%) of the $262.3 billion in US retail ecommerce sales forecast for all of 2013 to occur in those two months.” via Omnichannel Is the Key for the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season – eMarketer

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization for Holiday Season Ecommerce [Infographic] (click to tweet)
  • 2013 online holiday is predicted increase 15.1%, with U.S. web shoppers spending $61.8 billion in November and December (click to tweet)
  • In the U.S. alone, more than 28% of all emails are sent during the holiday season (click to tweet)
  • Optimize for mobile – 1 in 3 ecommerce emails linked to a non-mobile optimized landing page (click to tweet)
  • 45% of marketers plan to advertise holiday deals on social media (click to tweet)
  • Choose campaign themes based on special events in November and December (click to tweet)

Test, Test, Test

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions” – Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

  • More than 20% of companies say they don’t have an online testing strategy
  • A/B or MVT -Test the content, layout and segmentation of headlines, forms and calls-to-action to find higher conversion rates

Do not offer promotions that are inconsistent across all user touchpoints. Make sure the form and content of your emails, landing pages and checkout process display across a variety of:

  • Browsers
  • Connection speeds
  • Operating systems
  • Screen resolutions

Tell us your conversion rate optimization tips in the comment section below.


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