Conversion Optimization Tips to Drive End of Year Online Sales

We are pleased to offer you a guide to help capitalize on the year end bonanza that is November and December ecommerce.

Our guide will teach you how to drive end of year shoppers to your checkout process and convert them into paying customers. 

It offers advice for optimizing primary channels like email, search, affiliate programs and social media, and optimization advice for your checkout process and shopping cart.

The Year End Ecommerce Bonanza

It’s a fact: people shop online way more during November and December than they do the rest of the months. It’s your obligation as an ecommerce professional to make sure that you are taking every advantage to convert more users into loyal brand-enthusiasts and paying customers.

Marketing Campaign Themes

Because there are so many more online shoppers prepared to spend money during this time, it is important to create appropriate marketing campaigns. Thankfully, this time of year provides many relevant themes for your campaigns.

Download this guide for our list of very important events to help you frame your end of year marketing campaigns.

Conversion Optimization Tips for Different Channels

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your campaign, your different channels need to be optimized in order to encourage conversions both big and small.

Conversions don’t just happen in the cart. They occur whenever you call your visitor to action.

Yes, to drive revenue and meet sales goals you must convert in the cart. But it’s in your sales channels where marketing efforts are implemented and the micro-conversions occur. By optimizing those channels, you persuade your visitor to transact and submit payment.

Download this guide, which we are offering for free, and we will lead you through the wilderness of planning a year end marketing campaign, offering conversion rate optimization tips for your most important sales channels.