cleverbridge Unveils New Cart Abandonment Solution

How many times has a customer placed an item in their online cart without ever clicking the purchase button?

They may be considering if the price is too high, conducting research with your competitors, or just can’t decide if the product meets their needs.

Either way, studies place the average cart abandonment rate for ecommerce companies at around 75 percent, meaning that you’re sacrificing substantial revenue without a meaningful solution in place.

That’s where cleverbridge comes in.

Your company’s main goal should be to sign new customers while keeping the ones you have. With cleverbridge’s new fully customizable cart abandonment email campaigns, we enable our clients to:

Widen Their Global Acquisition Funnel

The solution helps you reach new customers globally with simple opt-in messaging. Our campaign is 100 percent compliant with Global Data Privacy Regulations, allowing you to branch out beyond your country’s borders.

Recover Lost Revenue with Customized Campaigns

Our automated campaign reaches out to customers at specific moments in their buyer journey with customizable email templates and messaging aimed to close the purchase funnel.

Win New Customers

This proven campaign converts casual site browsers into new customers, ensuring prospects don’t drop out of the top of your sales funnel.

Automate Their Re-marketing

Our email marketing services team will act as a managed service to allow you to automate your re-marketing efforts. We manage everything, from setting up the campaign to reporting and optimization.

“This solution is flexible and multi-faceted,” says Ashley Kolpak, email marketing specialist, cleverbridge.

“Whether it’s helping to close the gap on quarterly goals or engage more directly with potential customers, cart abandonment email campaigns are a win/win for our clients,” she adds.

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The cleverbridge platform can help manage, monetize and optimize your digital business as you continue to grow globally. We take responsibility for recurring billing, global payment processing, compliance, customer service, and more. Contact our sales team today.

Kyle Shamorian is the content marketer for cleverbridge. Connect with him on LinkedIn.