cleverbridge Launches on Salesforce AppExchange

cleverbridge has launched on Salesforce AppExchange, the leading enterprise cloud marketplace, enabling companies to connect their CRM and other front- and back-end systems with the cleverbridge Subscription Commerce platform.

cleverbridge for Salesforce helps business buyers automate renewals, reduce churn, improve sales efficiency and deliver a global-ready online storefront. It’s currently available on Salesforce AppExchange.

cleverbridge for Salesforce capabilities include:

· Renewal Automation – Give customers the option to auto-renew their subscription during purchase, reducing churn and increasing recurring revenue.
· Quote-to-Cart – Within Salesforce, extend quoting functionality by immediately generating a quote and cart link for customers. Sales reps and channel partners can collect payments and update customer records more quickly, boosting efficiency.
· Ecommerce – Acquire SMB customers more cost-effectively with a globally optimized online storefront linked to a client’s Salesforce instance. Offer customers preferred languages, payment methods and more., all while adhering to ensuring appropriate compliance with global taxation, trade and data security and privacy regulations.
· Bi-directional Integration – Develop a holistic view of customers with real-time, accurate customer data synced between Salesforce and the cleverbridge platform.

According to Doug Caviness, VP of B2B Strategy and Partnerships, “B2B companies continue to search for ways to leverage online selling to optimize their sales processes while minimizing channel conflict.”

“Our ready-to-use ecommerce platform integrated with Salesforce is built for B2B selling and offers automation opportunities to increase efficiency for sales reps and channel partners,” Caviness adds.

Salesforce AppExchange currently boasts more than 5,000 solutions, 6 million customer installs and 80,000 peer reviews, offering a comprehensive source of cloud, mobile, social, IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for businesses.

cleverbridge Integration Services

As a true ecommerce partner, cleverbridge aims to streamline how your business integrates the data that drives your ecommerce efforts, improving efficiency, reducing expenses and freeing up technical resources.

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Learn how cleverbridge can help manage, monetize and optimize your digital business as you continue to grow. We take responsibility for recurring billing, global payment processing, compliance, customer service, and more. Contact our sales team today.

Kyle Shamorian is the content marketer for cleverbridge. Connect with him on LinkedIn.