January Ecommerce Digest

This month we made our e-commerce predictions for 2013, showcased a panel discussion between some big name software affiliates, and offered a complimentary report from Forrester Research entitled, "Market Overview: Subscription and Recurring Billing Solutions 2012."

Ecommerce Predictions for 2013

As we make way for a new year in 2013, we predict that software companies will be influenced by important trends in the B2B space, the disruption of traditional media, the app store model, and offline payments.

Ecommerce Trends of 2012

Of all the many areas affecting software companies in 2013, e-commerce saw a flurry of activity in the innovation and growth of cloud adoption and the subscription economy, mobile e-commerce, localization and the never-ending quest for conversion rate optimization.

November Ecommerce Digest

Building Keystones is meant to inform, educate and inspire. We strive to help you navigate the vastness and complexity of the digital e-commerce industry and to expose you to expert opinions on different ways to improve the way you sell software online.

October Ecommerce Digest

If you are looking to optimize your e-commerce business and the online shopping experience of your customers, you need to familiarize yourself with the topics covered on Building Keystones. This month we analyzed: Offline payments in a subscription setting Performing price tests to improve conversion rates Best practices for designing checkout processes

August Ecommerce Digest

Here are some more articles from trusted sources on these topics: landing page optimization, business models for MMO games, Google's take on frustrating checkout processes, and pricing strategies in a volatile currency market.

July Ecommerce Digest

E-commerce is no different than gymnastics. In place of cartwheels, handsprings and somersaults, we have product functionality, marketing initiatives and customer acquisition.

May Ecommerce Digest

If you sell software online, you've come to the right place. We've been keeping our eyes open for relevant e-commerce information for e-commerce professionals. Take the time to read these articles, take notes on them, and try to apply them to your business. If you do, you'll come away with lessons about A/B testing, pricing strategies, your relationship with resellers, new UK cookie laws, new payment methods, and social media vs. search engines. Post in the comment section to help us understand your perspective on any or all of these topics. We'll be sure to respond.

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