October Ecommerce Digest

This E-commerce Digest focuses on mobile trends, using video to drive sales, improving conversion rates by defining your value proposition, and the unique opportunity of creating a Thanksgivukkah campaign.

August Ecommerce Digest

In August, we wrote about customer service toolkits, the future of the software market, and how to effectively kill conversions in the checkout process. For our e-commerce digest this month, we will further our discussion about selling software through wearable computers and touch on the purpose of landing pages, reducing cart abandonment and focusing on the customer experience.

July Ecommerce Digest

For the July E-commerce Digest we looked at industry experts to help us understand the latest trends in online marketing and selling. Specifically, we delve into B2B e-commerce and how Gmail's new tabs affect open and click rates (not to mention deliverability and reputation). In addition, we explore interesting navigation designs for websites and a new marketing framework to improve content development and performance measurements.

June Ecommerce Digest

This past month we discussed topics like email marketing subject lines, the impact of international fraud on your online store, and go-to-market strategies for Asian e-commerce. The E-commerce Digest will continue talking about email marketing and other important e-commerce subjects like the state of the PC market, split testing pricing models for subscription products,

May Ecommerce Digest

May 2013 was very exciting in the digital e-commerce world. Adobe users were shocked earlier this month to learn that Creative Suite 6 was the last version of Adobe's perpetual licenses. And while Google announced the demise of their Checkout service, Amazon created a new virtual currency for its digital apps. Our e-commerce digest examines some of these issues and others with a little help from our favorite e-commerce blogs.

April Ecommerce Digest

All good customer service departments monitor KPIs like contacts per day, hold times and response times. But how many contact centers measure first contact resolutions? The best customer service operations resolve the vast majority of their inquiries on the first contact. But most companies achieve first contact resolution rates of only 56 to 46 percent.

March Ecommerce Digest

SEO expert Danny Sullivan suspects user reviews play a large part in determining who is a bad merchant, but wisely points out that a bad merchant can just as easily create fake positive reviews of their business to counteract the genuine negative reviews.

February Ecommerce Digest

What a great month for blogging. While physical clouds were blowing cold rain and snow all over the Northern Hemisphere, virtual clouds and e-commerce were providing excellent fodder for Building Keystones blog posts. February was definitely focused on SaaS, with posts like: E-commerce Eye Candy -The State of SaaS [Infographic] Software-as-a-Service Success: 10 Dos and 10 don'ts of SaaS [E-book Review] E-commerce Eye Candy: Why are More and More Businesses Moving to the Cloud? Full Service Subscription Commerce Defined

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