Subscription Commerce Platforms: An Overview

Some software companies might find it beneficial to build an in-house solution to manage all their payment and order information. More often than not, however, software companies prefer to spend their resources focused on building great products while outsourcing their e-commerce needs to specialists. The Forrester report breaks down the different types of solutions available to companies looking for support in managing their subscription products.

Ecommerce Eye Candy – Enterprise Cloud Adoption [Infographic]

Whether they are deciding to adapt their business’s infrastructure to a cloud network, or figuring out how to integrate legacy systems, c-level executives, enterprise procurement...

And for those B2B software companies deciding whether to create a SaaS version of their product or not, consider this: 85% of enterprise buyers have already adopted some cloud based solutions and close to 90% of decision makers are planning to increase their adoption of cloud-based solutions.

Revenue Recognition Webcast

Correctly recognizing revenue from the software you sell is a complex topic near and dear to our heart. Guidance from accounting teams is absolutely necessary for...

Attendees will learn about the future of international compliance standards like the IFRS and the US compliance standards called GAAP.

Is Freemium Right for Your Business?

The Freemium model is not a silver bullet. It is a marketing tactic that your company should consider, but not treat as your fundamental business model. In other words, don’t automatically assume that you can sustain your farm by giving away your crops for free.

Pay-to-Play vs. Free-to-Play

This is a lesson for software developers and e-commerce managers. The product you sell upfront is not the same product that users use for free. For example, when users previously paid for SWTOR they gained access to the whole game and all its potential features. Now that the game will be free to play, product and e-commerce managers must restrict access to certain elements of the game that were available for the upfront payment.

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