How Do You Handle Subscription Renewals?

With the maturation of SaaS products, digital content paywalls and downloadable software products, there is even more demand for improved multi-period subscription billing. Straight forward...

Automatic subscription renewal is the default choice of many companies looking to capture subscription revenue online. However, you should look at all the options out there and choose a renewal process based on your customers buying habits.

Tips and Tools for a Successful Ecommerce Integration

When deciding to out-source your e-commerce infrastructure, poor planning can sabotage even the most thorough vendor selection process. Whether you sell software, subscription products or access...

When implementing a new e-commerce platform, the more planning you do in advance, the fewer errors you'll have when flipping the "go live" switch.

Monentize Digital Content Through Usage-Based Billing

The concept of subscription billing has been around for as long as there have been newspapers and magazines. The idea of paying a fixed amount...

Usage-based subscriptions are a profitable billing option to enhance traditional subscription billing models. Carefully consider this option even if you already have a subscription billing model.

Thanksgiving Recap: Our Favorite Blog Posts

Since the first post went live on Building Keystones, our goal has been to provide relevant and interesting information that will help your company succeed...

Since the first post went live on Building Keystones, our goal has been to provide relevant and interesting information that will help your company succeed in today's ever-changing global e-commerce market. The most important element in achieving this goal is your participation.

The Joys and Sorrows of Offline Payments

Digital product ecommerce is a special breed of ecommerce because of the expectation of instantaneous product delivery. Because the product is digital, today’s buyers rightfully...

Offline payments may be more complex to support than credit cards, but you should consider the advantages of offline payments when deciding whether or not to support them.

Three Reasons Why Credit Card Transactions Are Risky

When selling internationally, catering to the local customer is very important. The global reach and instant result of credit and debit card payments results in...

Credit and debit cards are ideal payment methods for customers buying digital products, but be aware of the risks of accepting cards are before jeopardizing your online business.

Five Ways to Manage One-Off Discounts

When selling digital products, there are numerous scenarios where you either want to — or need to — offer discounts. The siren song of setting...

Although it may be easier to simply create a new SKU when discounting a product, you are creating additional hurdles to overcome later. Using better ways to apply one-off discounts may take a few extra steps, but in the long run it keeps your product catalog manageable, simplifies accounting and provides clean, aggregated data.

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