Revenue Recognition Webcast

Correctly recognizing revenue from the software you sell is a complex topic near and dear to our heart. Guidance from accounting teams is absolutely necessary for...

Attendees will learn about the future of international compliance standards like the IFRS and the US compliance standards called GAAP.

Is Freemium Right for Your Business?

The Freemium model is not a silver bullet. It is a marketing tactic that your company should consider, but not treat as your fundamental business model. In other words, don’t automatically assume that you can sustain your farm by giving away your crops for free.

Pay-to-Play vs. Free-to-Play

This is a lesson for software developers and e-commerce managers. The product you sell upfront is not the same product that users use for free. For example, when users previously paid for SWTOR they gained access to the whole game and all its potential features. Now that the game will be free to play, product and e-commerce managers must restrict access to certain elements of the game that were available for the upfront payment.

Ecommerce Eye Candy – Mobile Gaming [Infographic]

According to this infographic from Business Degree, mobile gaming generated $12 billion dollars in 2011 and is expected to double by 2016. Games have the highest...

Games have the highest percentage of use out of any type of mobile app. From the bed to the bathroom to the bus, people play games everywhere. Gamers are frequent users as well: over half of smartphone owners play games on their devices at least once a day and over half of mobile gamers play for an hour a day.

Who Killed Download Software?

The software market, despite cries from many directions, is growing larger and larger. If you don't adapt your software business to the technological changes, your business can be readily disrupted even with the overall market growing for years to come.

The Dunning Process in Ecommerce

In digital e-commerce the dunning process should include elements of teaching the value of your service or product. Instead of simply playing debt collector, play the part of teacher. Focus your dunning process on providing customers with an explanation of the benefits they're missing by losing the service.

Revenue Recognition in Software Delivery

Correct guidance from your accounting team is required to get revenue recognition correct for e-commerce transactions. Ensure that your e-commerce system is integrated tightly and correctly with your accounting system so that you don’t have a nasty surprise from auditors later.

November Blogger’s Digest

This past month we gave advice about optimizing shopping carts for customers across the globe, provided tips for guiding traffic with domain name portfolios, shared some best practices in analyzing business performance, and highlighted the benefits of social media for special holidays.

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