Strategically Mine Your Applicant Pool to Find the Best Affiliates

In the digital product space, successful affiliate programs can generate between 15 and 20 percent of all sales. So how do you mine your affiliate...

While there are many ways to assess potential affiliates, in order to strategically evaluate each applicant create a set of specific guidelines and be consistent when evaluating potential affiliates, which increase the likelihood of affiliate success and is pivotal to the growth of your affiliate program.

Must-Read Blog Posts of 2010

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to share our favorite (and trendsetting for 2011) blog posts of 2010. These...

These come from a variety of different sources and stretch from social commerce and e-commerce to social search and cash payments. We hope that you find them as useful as we have, and recommend that you include these blogs in your 2011 regular reading time, in addition to Building Keystones of course!

Monentize Digital Content Through Usage-Based Billing

The concept of subscription billing has been around for as long as there have been newspapers and magazines. The idea of paying a fixed amount...

Usage-based subscriptions are a profitable billing option to enhance traditional subscription billing models. Carefully consider this option even if you already have a subscription billing model.

Thanksgiving Recap: Our Favorite Blog Posts

Since the first post went live on Building Keystones, our goal has been to provide relevant and interesting information that will help your company succeed...

Since the first post went live on Building Keystones, our goal has been to provide relevant and interesting information that will help your company succeed in today's ever-changing global e-commerce market. The most important element in achieving this goal is your participation.

Need Help With Your International Pricing Strategy?

Pricing your product is one of the most important steps in a product’s life-cycle. Price your product too high and you send potential customers to...

You can not simply use the current currency exchange rate as a basis for pricing your products in other markets! If you live in a country with a strong currency, like the EU countries or Great Britain, you are at a competitive disadvantage in other markets. If you are in a country with a weak currency, like the U.S., you can certainly use the exchange rate, but there is also an opportunity to increase your prices to still be competitive with the local market and make a little more money, but watch out for losing sales as an outsider.

Using Analytics to Increase Revenue

Create a methodology to analyze your site's traffic and conversion rates. By focusing on the the highest traffic sources, you can optimize conversion rates and increase your revenue. Not all traffic is equal!

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