Ecommerce Eye Candy – Off-Page SEO Factors

This infographic from Shane Barker, a SEO consultant, explains how off-page SEO factors help establish your brand and improve your rankings. He explains that a lot of tactics that used to work in SEO are now penalized by Google, and shows the benefits of doing SEO properly.

Eight Ways to Get Unstuck From The Summer Sales Quagmire

The summer slow down of ecommerce sales is neither myth nor joke, and as consumers wait out the summer months for back to school and holiday season deals in the autumn and winter, your business suffers. However, there is a lot you can do to prepare for more lucrative times of the year.

It’s 3 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Quality Score Is?

To the search engines, a good Quality Score represents your higher relevance to users and thus more potential for users to click on the ads. This often translates into lower costs per click for you as an advertiser. Conversely, a lower Quality Score will cost you, both literally and figuratively, in the online auctions for ad rank and position.

Three Ways to Ensure Email Marketing Success

To ensure email marketing success, it’s important to analyze all the various details of an email campaign. Aside from common email marketing KPIs, make sure you have reliable subscriber data, use dynamic content, and perform render tests.

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