Software Pirates — Your Most Qualified Sales Leads

Traditionally, the C-suite has viewed software piracy as an unsolvable problem and has accepted it as a cost of doing business similar to “shrinkage” in retail businesses. In fact, software piracy can be a significant source of revenue once you are able to reach, educate and convert these “unpaid users.”

Professional Networking — Costs and Benefits

Networking is an integral part of your business and its costs should be considered with as much care as any other cost, regardless of their apparent value. The true return of networking is rarely one-to-one, but taken in context, the value to you and your business far outpaces the costs.

Ecommerce Eye Candy — Mobile Ad Blocking [Infographic]

For those who rely on online advertising to drive revenue, recent reports about the rise of ad blocking on iOS devices have been dire, even apocalyptic. Our friends at The Mobile Majority take a closer look at the issue, assessing just how deep an impact Apple's latest feature release will have.

Ad Blockers — Friend or Foe?

Ad blocking software is becoming more prevalent and beginning to impact affiliate marketing revenue. It's time for affiliate marketers to think about how they are going to address this important issue and what steps they can take to minimize its impact.

The Benefits and Risks of Affiliate Marketing

The cost of SEO and other customer acquisition methods continues to increase. Companies are always looking for cost effective, low-risk ways to increase their web traffic and win new business. What can help you with this? Simple, leverage affiliate marketing which brings numerous benefits.

Four Ways to Use Social Media to Create Ecommerce Opportunities

Social media is a cost-efficient way to breathe life into your ecommerce business, and can help you reach new audiences on a shoestring budget. Experiment with the different social media channels and tactics to find the ideal fit for your audience —and watch the shares (and ecommerce sales) roll in.

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