Four Tips for Marketing Success in the Era of Hyperadoption

The era of hyperadoption is here and is something all marketers need to embrace. Consumers will be offered an unprecedented number of exciting, interesting and useful products and services, many at little to no cost. And brands will be challenged to maintain relevancy with giving customers what they want in a world of stiff competition. Marketers who anticipate and strategize on the outcomes consumers demand of their brand will survive (and thrive) in this new era.

Software Pirates — Your Most Qualified Sales Leads

Traditionally, the C-suite has viewed software piracy as an unsolvable problem and has accepted it as a cost of doing business similar to “shrinkage” in retail businesses. In fact, software piracy can be a significant source of revenue once you are able to reach, educate and convert these “unpaid users.”

Professional Networking — Costs and Benefits

Networking is an integral part of your business and its costs should be considered with as much care as any other cost, regardless of their apparent value. The true return of networking is rarely one-to-one, but taken in context, the value to you and your business far outpaces the costs.

Ecommerce Eye Candy — Mobile Ad Blocking [Infographic]

For those who rely on online advertising to drive revenue, recent reports about the rise of ad blocking on iOS devices have been dire, even apocalyptic. Our friends at The Mobile Majority take a closer look at the issue, assessing just how deep an impact Apple's latest feature release will have.

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