Four Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation benefits include identifying multiple sales funnels and paths to conversions, optimizing the sales process, and identifying communication gaps within the marketing strategy and internally between departments.

Ecommerce Eye Candy Rises

In our article, Social Media: Beneficial All Year Round, we noted that throughout the year, there are events that inspire promotions. Obvious events that the general...

Kaspersky is promoting their famous security software with product discounts and a free-entry sweepstakes. They wisely tied these promotions to one of the most anticipated movies this year, The Dark Knight Rises. The premise is that you, the visitor, help Batman protect Gotham city against a computer virus unleashed by the villain Bane. Your help is then rewarded with awesome prizes.

Ecommerce Eye Candy – How to Use PPC Landing Pages [Infographic]

Though we previously discussed landing pages in 5 Pitfalls To Avoid In Your PPC Landing Page, this infographic from Unbounce emphasizes a few common sense...

Just as there is not single type of visitor, there is no single best practice for landing pages. They should be intelligently designed, a result of experiments and experience. However, knowing the difference between the right and wrong way of doing something also depends on learning from other people's experiences.

Localizing for European Affiliates

In addition to establishing the economic viability of these markets, you must also internationalize and localize your product and website, adapting to what Robert Glasgow of Webgains calls, "the subtle idiosyncrasies of each local market."

Three Factors for Choosing European Affiliates

In addition to your market comparison charts and affiliate research, look at your customer order records and analytics information. Find out where visitors are typically coming from and see if you’ve received orders from a particular country. Maybe your product has been selling well in some foreign market and you didn't notice.

Our Ten Favorite Ecommerce Twitter Accounts

It's good to be proud of your own tweets, but you can always learn from others. Make sure that you're in tune with the whole e-commerce industry by listening and interacting with those companies and individuals on the front line.

Eight Vital Elements of Affiliate Acceptance Emails

Contrary to popular belief, recruiting a new affiliate is the easy part. Getting them to produce sales is a far more difficult task, and the acceptance email you send is very important. It is the first step to what is hopefully a long and prosperous relationship.

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