User Experience — The Unsubscribe Process

No one wants to see subscribers churning away. Instead of desperately trying to hang on to a customer like some overly obsessed spurned lover, once a customer decides they want to part ways from you, you should make that separation as painless as possible.

Monetizing AgTech — Account Setup User Experience

In this post, we revisit these companies to explore their user interfaces, discuss the sign-up process and assess the supporting communications each company sends to new users. By comparing their two approaches, we hope to show the elements that contribute to, or detract from, a positive user experience and overall customer experience.

What Is the Difference Between User Experience and Customer Experience?

Many brands make the unfortunate mistake of focusing on just good user experience while completely ignoring customer experience. Other brands deliver exceptional customer experience without trying to improve on their user experience. For complete customer satisfaction, it’s important that you properly understand the relationship between these two factors. Maintaining consistency between customer experience and user experience is key for long-term growth.

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