Creating Convenient B2B Ecommerce

Offer your business customers their preferred sales channels, whether in the form of a sales rep, channel partner or e-store. For direct online sales, make sure that the shopping experience matches customer expectations of convenience and service.

Ecommerce Eye Candy – 91 Point Checklist for Conversion Optimization [Infographic]

Transforming a curious visitor into a paying customer depends on a variety of elements including: The amount of pages a customer must traverse until they reach the...

Search engine optimization (SEO) brings visitors to your site. But conversion rate optimization (CRO) turns those visitors into paying customers, like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Nine Critical Elements of a Confirmation Page

Think of the confirmation page as preventive care, the things a patient should know and do to avoid a visit to the doctor's office. All the above best practices should be in place in order to prevent customer contacts. Not because you don't value your customers and don't want to hear from them. Rather, these elements are in place precisely because you care for your customers and want them to have the smoothest experience possible with your company.

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