Business Without Borders: Selling Software Online to Customers in the U.S. [Ebook]

Are you trying to improve revenue from U.S. customers visiting your online store?

The U.S. is a hotbed of ecommerce. Of its 316 million residents, 184 million are active online shoppers who spent a whopping $262.5 billion in 2013. Recent studies project ecommerce sales in the U.S. to grow about 14 percent each year over the next four years, hitting an estimated total revenue of $434.2 billion in 2017. In this mature, massive, multicultural market, many loyal customers await you – once you learn how to optimize your ecommerce experience.

The U.S. Ecommerce Market

This ebook is a really good resource for software merchants all over the world, especially those based in the EU, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. We’ve seen many local independent software vendors from these places struggle to compete in the U.S. ecommerce market – the single biggest ecommerce market in the world in terms of overall revenue.

But even American merchants can stand to gain some new ideas from reading this ebook. It introduces important pieces of American legislation like the Marketplace Fairness Act and Restore Online Shopper’s Confidence Act and explains to ecommerce merchants how those laws impact their business.

It further explores the linguistic and cultural divides in the U.S. market and highlights optimum ways to present payment methods to American shoppers. Additionally, it provides a helpful holiday promotional calendar that software companies can use to drum up some new customers year round.

Finally, the ebook looks into the challenging environment of mobile electronic commerce, encouraging vendors to consider how they can take advantage of the almost 20 percent of online sales expected to occur on mobile devices in the U.S.

Download our complimentary ebook, Business Without Borders: Selling Software Online to Customers in the United States now, and understand your customers’ needs and how to meet them.