Ecommerce Eye Candy — Bad Data Is a Hazard to Your Customer Experience [Infographic]

customer experience

The quality of your data can affect every aspect of customer experience. From inbound customer service calls to outbound and multichannel marketing efforts, customer data can make or break customer satisfaction and retention.

How important is it to capture and keep correct data about your customers?

How Bad Data Hurts Customer Experience

Inaccurate data can cause long wait times to your call center, aggravating customers. It can cause them to abandon purchases. Inaccurate data increases customer frustration if they are targeted incorrectly by your marketing efforts. According to today’s inforgraphic from Experian, 45 percent of consumers would walk away from a company that contacted them via a channel the customer indicated they did not wish to be contacted. In fact, poor customer experience costs billions in lost revenue every year.

What’s a Company to Do?

If a company is on its omnichannel game, communication will be seamless no matter the touch point.”

With so many issues caused by bad data, how can you make sure that your data is accurate and helpful? According to this infographic by Experian, there are three important actions you can take to ensure you have the best customer data:

  • Train your customer support team to verify customer data
  • Clean, enhance and profile your customer data
  • Create a “Single Customer View” to see your whole customer

Check out the infographic to learn more about the hazards of bad data and the ways you can work on improvement.

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customer experience
Source: Experian