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Today's business customer prefers to buy through a direct online channel.

We understand the unique requirements of online B2B sales and the expectations of your business customers. Our cloud-based subscription billing solutions address B2B-specific payment methods, pricing models, billing cycles and more – all while providing the simple, seamless customer experience that your business buyers expect.

Our Full-Service Approach to B2B Subscription Billing

  • Flexible platform that integrates with your CRM, ERP, web analytics and other business systems

  • Rapid implementation and integration so you're up and running with our platform within weeks

  • B2B-specific quoting and invoicing options that simplify the recurring billing process

  • Connected customer data so you can track customer behavior across channels and platforms

  • Relevant online and offline payment methods that meet the unique needs of business buyers


cleverbridge fully migrated the global online business for Parallels to our platform in just 21 days.

B2B Client Case Study:

Automated Quote Generation

Client Challenge

Our client – a leading provider of software and hosted solutions for network and web security, email security and web monitoring for businesses – was relying heavily on their sales team to drive renewals via a manual quote process. This was problematic because it cost our client $100 internally to generate each quote.

cleverbridge Solution

By rapidly integrating our platform with our client’s business systems, we implemented a Configure-Price-Quote process that allows their sales team to generate customized price quotes and accept a variety of online and offline payment methods. Our client now generates, issues and process thousands of quotes for their business customers every month — without that $100 per-quote cost eating into their profits.

Our B2B Subscription Billing Capabilities

  • Seamless Integration

    We can quickly and reliably integrate our flexible platform with your ERP and other back-end business systems. Your sales team can access data in (or another CRM) for effective opportunity management.
  • Flexible Pricing Models

    We offer an assortment of pricing models to fit your business model. Whether you’re offering a term, tiered or usage-based model – or some combination thereof – our platform knows who to bill, for how much and via which payment method.
  • Recurring Billing

    We understand that your billing and subscription cycles may not necessarily be in sync. Our platform will help you keep it all straight. Billing events can be managed independently from the start date, duration and cancellation date of your subscriptions.
  • Customer Self-Service (My Account)

    Via a branded web portal, customers can update personal information, view order history and manage subscriptions. Our rule-based marketing engine enables you to deliver timely and targeted messages to customers through their accounts.
  • Channel Management

    As a B2B business, your distribution model can include partner channels like affiliates, resellers and retailers. We offer an efficient online application approval process and single sign-on (SSO) support for partner portal access. You can specify pricing and benefits on a partner-by-partner basis.
  • Subscription Management

    We help you manage the complexities of the subscription lifecycle — mid-term changes, pro-rated or partial term billing, coterminous agreements and other subscription scenarios. Additionally, we leverage the dunning process to maximize renewal rates.
  • "B2C-Like" Experience

    For your business buyers, we ensure that you provide customer experiences that are every bit as comfortable and convenient as what they’ve come to expect as consumers – rich in functionality, highly personalized and easy-to-use.
  • Purchase Orders & Invoicing

    Through our platform, you can easily configure the scenarios in which POs are accepted (minimum cart value, pre-registered customers only, etc.) so your customers can issue purchase orders to complete transactions. Our platform also generates PDF invoices, payable either online or offline.
  • B2B Quote Processes

    • Configure-Price-Quote — Your sales representatives can use our platform to issue highly personalized PDF quotes to customers in real time.
    • Guided Selling — Create a protected link that directs your customer to a prepopulated shopping cart. After they fill out their order details, the customer is quoted the price already specified by the salesperson.
    • Quote Now — Customers can get an instant quote for the contents of their shopping cart by clicking the “Quote Now” button. Our platform calculates the pricing and generates a PDF quote, provided on a confirmation page.

B2B Client Case Study:

Seamless Online Renewal Process

Client Challenge

Our client is a global leader in virtualization solutions, from the desktop to the datacenter. In conjunction with their products, they sell maintenance and support packages to business customers. Renewals for these packages were managed by resellers and third-party providers via email and phone calls. They wanted to migrate to an online renewal process to increase customer convenience and drive higher renewal rates.

Our Solution

By fully integrating their ERP system with our platform, we provided our client with the following process for conveniently managing renewals online:
  1. Client sends an email to customers 90-120 days in advance of expiration. The email provides a link to the cleverbridge cart.
  2. API calls between our platform and their ERP system pull the customer and purchase information into the cart.
  3. The customer uses an online or offline payment method to complete the renewal.

Some clients currently leveraging our B2B subscription billing capabilities:

Dassault Systems
Nitro PDF
Corel Integration

We map transaction data from our platform to your SFDC fields. Then, through a series of ongoing API calls, we push transactions in real time to SFDC. Our built-in query engine reconciles customer contact data to avoid creating duplicates.


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