August Ecommerce Digest

Maybe you were captivated by the supermoon, or perhaps an abundance of summer projects occupied your thoughts. Whatever it was that demanded your time, you may have missed some of these important stories concerning the ecommerce industry in August. Look no further, we’ve aggregated some valuable news in this blog post.

In case you missed it, this month Building Keystones introduced you to marketing automation. We also shared five tips for optimizing your checkout process.

The August Ecommerce Digest provides actionable items to get you thinking about ways to improve your online store.

Global Ecommerce Market

Worldwide Ecommerce Sales to Increase Nearly 20% in 2014 | eMarketer

Good news everybody! With the economy back in full swing, shoppers are buying more online. eMarketer found that B2C ecommerce sales grew nearly 20 percent in 2013, and project sales to see steady growth through 2018. How can you capitalize on this influx of shoppers now? It’s the perfect time to start getting ready for the holiday ecommerce season. Read our tips to drive end of year sales and learn how to get shoppers to your checkout process and convert them into paying customers.

eMarketer projected B2C ecommerce growth through 2018
eMarketer forecast for B2C ecommce growth through 2018

Conversion Rate Optimization

8 Ecommerce Mistakes That Are Costing You Sales | HuffingtonPost

Here’s an explanation of some important conversion rate optimization tactics ecommerce managers use to improve revenue. The recommendations offered by the HuffingtonPost are some of our favorites like improving insufficient customer service options which could be stifling your sales and offering more payment options. According to this piece, 50 percent of customers say they won’t complete a checkout if their preferred payment method is unavailable.

Tell us in the comment section how modifications to your shopping cart impact your conversion rate.

Brand Measurement

The Building Blocks for a Brand Measurement Revolution | Think With Google

Are you frustrated with measuring your brand’s reach in the marketplace? Google has suggestions to modernize your brand measurement tactics. The premise behind the digital revolution in brand management is rooted in the marriage of goals between advertisers and publishers. By identifying common metrics and focusing on user behavior, brands can better understand the effectiveness of their marketing. Instead of waiting months to review the results of your campaigns, now you must make decisions in real time. Are you getting enough clickthroughs on your paid search ads? If not, be prepared to make changes that improve your quality score today, not three months from now.

Product Page Design

How to Design Your Ecommerce Product Pages to Increase Sales | NewsCred

This post from NewsCred emphasizes the importance of a well-designed product page. Subliminal clues to your customers can persuade them to convert. Bigger images attract the attention of your potential customers and generate more leads, lower bounce rates and more clickthroughs. When in doubt, NewsCred recommends, be different. Paying homage to Apple’s product pages, this post urges product page designers to consider mixing still photography and video. No matter what design changes you make, keep in mind that your design must be responsive. Your customers are visiting your site from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. You may come up with an unusual and engaging design, but if it doesn’t render properly across mobile devices, your customers will find somewhere else to shop.

What product page design tactics have been successful for your business? Tell us about them in the comments section below.