6 Digital Marketing Tactics to Drive Your B2B Ecommerce Business

In the digital era, everything and anything is available online. Consumers research online before making even the smallest buying decisions, like a simple mobile cover. Customers are looking for the best option at a competitive price and high in quality. Being in the B2B ecommerce space is competitive as the larger companies have bigger budgets to crush smaller competitors. By using reliable and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, however, you can compete with the larger brands.

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As a B2B marketer, it can be tempting to focus all your attention on lead generation. But did you know it costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one? Reducing churn plays a critical role in business growth – especially now in these Covid-19 times.

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Here are some reliable and proven digital marketing techniques to reduce churn and grow your b2b ecommerce business.

A Cutting-Edge Website

The first thing consumers do before buying a product is check the seller’s website. It’s pivotal that a company develop an interactive website that has the power to impress their customers. Include every necessary detail about your brand and product, as well as how you can differentiate yourself against your competitors. Some important must-haves for your ecommerce website, according to Brainrider.com, include measurement tools that support content engagement and funnel marketing leads into a database. This enables you to communicate more efficiently with your sales team and nurture qualified prospects.

Leverage LinkedIn for Prospecting

Paul Slack, the developer of “social media tactical wheels,” notes that B2B marketers are increasing their revenue from social media activities. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to reach the tough-to-get clients who would have otherwise not shown the same interest in you. With LinkedIn, you have the ability to connect with your ideal customer, build an organic relationship, and share valuable content.

Understand Your Target ‘Type’

Knowing the budget, interests, age group, strong and weak points, as well as the buying habits of your customer will make the path to success much easier. You will be able to make more informed and precise decisions regarding their business and create an effective impression on the mind of your target.

Laser-Target Keywords

It’s much easier to attract traffic to your website with search engine optimization, or SEO. Make sure you’re providing blogs and informational content on your website leveraging long-tail targeted keywords, which contain modifiers or other additional words to your primary keyword. In fact, 70 percent of all web searches are long-tail. This is how you laser-target your audience and drive free organic search traffic to your product and landing pages.

Impactful Videos

Per research, videos are shared 1200 percent more times than text and links together. A company’s core message is far more digestible through a video than by reading text alone. As a highly engaging content form, videos can have a much more direct impact both intellectually and emotionally on your customers.

Engage With Your Audience – Give Responses and Take Responses

One bad review can overpower many good reviews in terms of customer perception. Understanding the flaws that customers see in your product or service can meaningfully move the needle on your company’s perception in the market.

It’s always advisable to reply to a negative review and assure future improvements. One way to take a more proactive approach is to track company or brand mentions by setting up Google Alerts. This way whenever someone mentions any of the submitted keywords, you’ll receive a real-time notification and can respond appropriately.